Eugene Robinson

Mitt Romney: A Chameleon, But Also A Damned Liar!

Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee, has often been described as a chameleon, a person who constantly changes his views, which already makes him a suspect candidate, as one finds it hard to believe anything he says, and to accept any position he takes on any subject as being his final view.

But worse than being a chameleon is the reality that he also is a damned liar!

Romney has been campaigning on the idea that Barack Obama is a wild spender, when the truth is that federal spending has slowed up under his Presidency.

Federal spending increased the most under George W. Bush, 7.3 percent in his first term and 8.1 percent in his second term, followed by Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and finally, Barack Obama, with only 1.4 percent annually during his first term.

Romney, as Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post observes, lies about Obama “apologizing for America” when he has never done that; claims that Obama does not believe in American “Exceptionalism”, which is also false; and says that Obama is guilty of “appeasement”, which is ridiculous, considering Obama’s exceptional work against terrorism; and while stating all these falsehoods about Obama, Romney exaggerates his job creating while at Bain Capital, another total lie.

For a person who claims to be a “good Mormon”, very religious, it makes one wonder what that term “very religious” means! Apparently, it is the right to lie through one’s teeth and keep a straight face!

President Vs. Congress: Three Times As Popular!

Opponents have made a big deal over the fact that President Barack Obama had fallen down to 39 percent in public opinion ratings over the last week, after the stock market gyrations and the Standard and Poor’s downgrading of US debt after the Debt Ceiling Crisis.

But now, Obama has gone back up to 41 percent in new polls, while the Congress, with a Republican House majority, has slipped from 14 percent positive rating to 13 percent, an all time low!

And this comes upon the earlier poll that shows that the Democrats have a seven point edge on the Republicans in a generic matchup for the 2012 Congressional elections.

So the GOP has actually lost public support at a crucial time, and it is involved in a internal struggle between Mainstream Republicans such as Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, and the Tea Party Republicans such as Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann for the soul of the party.

This is only good for President Obama, as columnist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post points out today in his column!

Are The American People “Spoiled Brats?” Unfortunately, YES!

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post wrote a column yesterday that is bound to cause controversy!

He stated that the American electorate are acting as “spoiled brats”!

Wow, what a charge! Is there any justification to this accusation? Obviously, Robinson says YES, and the author would tend to agree with him, which requires explanation!

Robinson says that we want quick easy solutions to complex problems that have been built up over many years, and cannot be resolved in any one presidential term or one two year congressional term! He is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in that assertion!

We have so many problems, as Robinson points out, including:

1. Restructuring of the economy which has been outsourced over the past thirty years (since Ronald Reagan), and with manufacturing having disappeared because we all want cheap Walmart CHINA goods, and don’t want to support American made labor goods!

2. We have an infrastructure which needs a major investment, including the rebuilding of roads, bridges, canals, and other public works, but don’t want to make the investment because it might cause taxes to go up, which we hate as a concept, expecting everything to be done without paying for it!

3. We need to recognize the importance of reforming entitlements, but even to suggest it is to cause hysteria and panic and anger, as again the thought is that we don’t want to sacrifice, but make sure you don’t cut anyone’s future expectations of gaining benefits without paying appropriate level of taxes!

4. We need to plan a 21st century economy based on weaning ourselves off foreign oil, and must face the fact that fossil fuels are not the long term answer, but corporations and politicians continue to promote an outdated idea of how our future energy needs can be met!

5. After years of paying very low or no taxes, the wealthy keep on complaining about paying more taxes, even though there is no way to maintain enough revenue without their participation in the tax structure, but the attitude is “NOT ME!”, and selfishness and greed rule! When one percent of the population earns 23 percent of the income, to say they should not pay more taxes means no solution in the future to solving our economic problems is possible, and instead it forces bigger and bigger budget deficits which can lead us to losing our status as a world leader, which is already under attack as it is!

6.We need to develop an education system to sustain the future, but have failed to keep pace, and again it requires willingness to sacrifice, which no one wants to do!

7. We need to realize that immigration is part of a plan for an economic future, but instead we just make immigrants and people who have different cultural backgrounds seem to be the enemy and a threat to the future of the country!

8. The country has an unsustainable burden overseas, trying to be the world’s policeman, and therefore, we need to redefine our role in world affairs in such a way to make it manageable, as now our defense requirements are overwhelming our ability to sustain it financially!

As Robinson says, we want quick and easy solutions without pain and suffering, and so we are ready to “throw out the rascals” and try the other party in power, but not understanding that the GOP has no solutions either, and that likely, after they have a try at power, they will be thrown out in 2012!

So we are acting like “spoiled brats”, like children who have a “temper tantrum”, and take irrational steps that will do nothing to deal with the reality of the future!

That reality is that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have any magical solutions, and we are going to suffer through five to ten years of trouble to undo the damage done in the past 30 years, all of it except the BIll Clinton years, under Republican Presidents who made life better for the wealthy, and miserable for the middle class and the poor!

So it is time for the American people to “grow up” and stop expecting quick, easy solutions, as they are not going to come, whether or not one party or the other controls the White House and the Congress!

We are, unfortunately, in for the toughest decade we have suffered through since the 1930s! To believe anything else is to believe in the “tooth fairy” and “Santa Claus”! 🙁