Elderly Over 70

The Biggest Victims Of The CoronaVirus Pandemic: African Americans, Elderly, And Health Care Workers

With the numbers mounting of victims of the CoronaVirus Pandemic in the United States, it is clear that the biggest victims are three categories:

African Americans

Elderly Over 70

Health Care Workers

It is so sad that African Americans, already burdened historically by racism and discrimination, now are a very high percentage of those dying from the virus, particularly in Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and New York City.

It is also sad that the elderly, particularly over the age of 70, are seeing their lives end without their families able to be there, and cheating many out of what could have been another five or more years of life.

And the Health Care workers–doctors, nurses, and others who sacrifice their lives with long, arduous hours–and now are being exposed recklessly, because the government cannot provide Personal Protective Equipment to protect themselves while helping the sick.

The extent of this pandemic could have been lessened if only Donald Trump had been on top of it in January and February, but he was too busy playing politics, and as always, blaming all his shortcomings and sins on his critics, rather than placing blame on others!