Education Budget Cuts

America’s Teachers And Education: The Only Way To Long Term Success And Economic Revival!

As the new school year commences, the state of American education is very depressing!

Budget cuts are forcing the firing of hundreds of thousands of teachers; the growth of very large teacher-student ratios; the elimination of physical education, music, art, theater, sports teams and other so called “electives” which enrich education and mental health and save many young people who might otherwise be totally “lost” from any learning experience; leading to attacks by “Bully Governors” and the Republican state legislatures on the teaching profession; causing growing disrespect by parents and teachers and school boards toward educators; and leading to declining interest in college and university students in entering the profession, because of low pay and poor treatment!

And yet, it is our teachers who have inspired all of us who have succeeded; it is our teachers who have sacrificed some of their own private time and income to provide materials for students; it is our teachers who often replace parents in the sense of giving more attention to students than they receive at home; it is our teachers who remain part of our life experience more than any other professional, including doctors and lawyers and engineers, among others!

Teachers should be treasured, respected, honored, and paid properly so that we can get the “best and the brightest” to make a career in the profession that has a greater impact on us than any other! Remember that not only doctors, lawyers, and engineers are educated and influenced by teachers, but also every other occupation, and also our Presidents, members of Congress, state legislators, Governors, Mayors, and all government employees, and of course, our parents!

Therefore, the proper funding of education and the rebuilding of the infrastructure of schools MUST be a priority for President Obama and Congress to give us hope and economic revival for the future, and help restore America to its greatness!