Education And Voting

Changes In Voter Registration Across America

Changes in voter registration, while not a guarantee of voting patterns, are in flux in recent years.

Examples include the following trends:

The more educated one is, the more likely that such people are registered Democrats.

The less educated one is, the more likely that such people are registered Republicans.

The more rural location of an individual, and the more religiously devout an individual is, the more likely he or she is Republican.

Evangelical Christians, devout Catholics, and Orthodox Jews are more likely to be Republicans.

Those who live in urban areas are still much more likely Democratic registered, while those in suburbia are more evenly divided, but more Democratic than traditionally in recent decades when they were more likely Republican.

The Hispanic-Latino population is less reliably registered Democratic than in the past, particularly those who identify as evangelical Protestants, while if Catholics, still more likely Democratic.

While women are more likely to be registered Democratic, white women have moved toward Republican orientation.

With the reality that all of these trends are in flux, it is clear that trying to predict future voting patterns and election results is a gamble, and there are no guarantees.