Early Voting

Incredible Numbers Of Voters In 2020: Two Thirds Early Of 2016 And Potential For 150-160 Million!

The Presidential Election of 2020 will see an all time high number of voters participating, potentially 150-160 million!

Amazing that 93 million early voters by November 1 had participated by mail or in person in early voting, two thirds of the entire votes of 2016, which was 137 million people!

It seems likely that the voting percentage will be 60-65 percent, the highest since the Presidential Election of 1908, although the all time high of 82 percent occurred in the Presidential Election of 1876, which was, ironically, the closest Electoral College result of 185-184, after four months of stalemate!

The fact of such massive participation is a victory for American democracy, and would seem clearly to be a vote to oust Donald Trump from the White House!

But we will have to wait until Wednesday morning or a bit later to be certain that is the result!

Early Voting Begins In Half Of The States, BEFORE Presidential Debates!

Early voting has begun in 25 states, a week BEFORE the Presidential debates begin. And five more states will begin early voting by the end of September.

This includes the “swing” states of Virginia, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, so for many voters, it is already too late for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to change people’s minds, particularly after recent gaffes by the Republican team!

It is expected that one third of all votes will be cast before Election Day, a growing number every Presidential year, and therefore a “wild card” that will affect the election results!