David Letterman

Stephen Colbert Great Addition To Late Night Television!

Comedy Channel’s Stephen Colbert has been chosen to replace David Letterman, when he leaves CBS sometime in 2015.

This is a great selection to replace Letterman, as Colbert is a comedic genius, although he will drop his persona as a conservative Republican, when he takes over the late night show from Letterman.

Predictably, the right wing conservatives and Republicans are condemning the selection of Colbert, as Rush Limbaugh stated that the nation beyond the coastlines, what Limbaugh calls the “heartland”, is being ignored, and that CBS has declared war on this vast part of the nation, and that Colbert is overly “partisan.”

This is such a laughable idea, as what exactly is Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and all of the rest of the large crowd of right wing talk show hosts on radio and television (Fox News Channel), except totally “partisan”, and also, mostly laughable in their hypocrisy?

Kudos to CBS for defying the right wing, and giving us one of the two most entertaining and creative comedians in cable, with the other being Jon Stewart!

Both know how to “sock it to them” to the right wing, which already has far too much control over media as it is!

More Years Of Education, And Yet High Levels Of Ignorance In America Persist!

More Americans have graduated high school and attended and graduated two and four year programs at colleges and universities, and yet high levels of ignorance persist in the most advanced nation in the world, or are we?

Examples abound:

40 percent of Americans are not even aware of the signature achievement of the Obama Presidency, what the critics have labeled “ObamaCare”! And some think the Congress repealed it, and others think the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional!

21 percent believe a UFO landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and the government has covered it up!

14 percent believe in a monster called Big Foot, that it really exists!

65 percent cannot name even one Supreme Court Justice, not even the Chief Justice, when there are constant references to the “Roberts Court” in the news media!

30 percent cannot name who the Vice President of the United States is, and this has been shown on David Letterman many times!

35 percent do not know which century the American Revolution occurred in, and many cannot name who we fought in the Revolution!

6 percent do not know when Independence Day is, cannot find it on the calendar.

Many Americans cannot find any state of the Union on a geography map, or name the continents!

Many do not know who American fought in World War II, or point out where Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan are on the map, despite the fact that many Americans died in these wars.

Many Americans would be unable to pass the basic citizenship test all immigrants must pass, even though we are all insistent that they must know information many of our citizens born here do NOT know!

And many Americans persist in believing that Barack Obama is a Muslim, and think that Medicare is not a government program, when they say they do not want the government engaged in health care!

Many Americans do not know who their own Congressman or Senators are, and have no clue or understanding of the Constitution or Bill of Rights!

This is all very sad and disturbing, and makes one wonder about the “will of the people”, and their ability to make judgments about what American domestic or foreign policy should be!

The Explosive Nature Of Chris Christie: Further Reason Why Christie Will Never Be President!

This author has already written a post, with a myriad of reasons, why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will never be President!

Christie has, this week, shown further why he is self destructing his potential candidacy.

After going on David Letterman and joking with Letterman about his weight, Christie blew up when the former White House physician for President Bill Clinton had the “nerve and gall” to question whether Christie was healthy enough to serve in the Presidency, and wondered if he might die from a heart attack or stroke, due to his poor physical condition.

Yes, Christie is the “poster boy” for heavy set people, with a good percentage of people in America being in that category. But these people are NOT thinking about running for President, which means his health matters more to us than anyone else who is heavy, unless such a person is a close relative or friend. But even if one fits into that category, such a person’s death, were it to occur, would have less impact than a President dying in office!

And then, Christie went ahead and called the former White House physician and yelled at her in a volume louder than his press conference, where he told her to “shut up!”

Forget his weight and health for a minute! It is Chris Christie’s explosive nature which is more worrisome, his inability to act properly in public moments, too willing to insult and yell at people who say things he does not like. This man reacts in a stressful manner to too many situations where Barack Obama, for instance, is a cool, calm presence.

Being temperamental, being uncouth, being belligerent, is not just bad in dealing with constituents, the media, members of the New Jersey legislature, and White House physicians. It is absolutely horrible and dangerous in dealing with foreign leaders! One cannot conduct negotiations with foreign leaders, whether friendly or enemy nations, in such a manner, as it could lead to unnecessary conflict and war!

So Chris Christie, you might be able to be reelected Governor of New Jersey, but you have proved further than even before that you are not fit, physically or emotionally, to be President of the United States!

So after another term as Governor, find another line of work! You will NOT be missed!