College Student Debts

President Obama Finally Asserts Himself With Congress By Use Of Executive Orders: Long Overdue!

President Obama has finally decided to pass by Congress and utilize executive orders to take action on the economy.

This week, he has done the following by executive order:

1. He will take action on the issue of homeowners and foreclosures.

2. He will assist college students with high levels of education debt.

3. He will help veterans of our wars to obtain employment, emphasizing their sacrifices for our nation.

There is bound to be outrage by Republicans in Congress, and they will accuse him of playing to his base, and campaigning for reelection, and the answer is: So what?

After all, the Republicans have been campaigning to undermine Barack Obama, act as obstructionists, and made it clear from the beginning that their goal was to make Barack Obama a one term President.

So let them criticize him; let them continue to demonstrate that they do not care about the high unemployment rate and the high foreclosure percentages; and Barack Obama will act as a stronger President in the mold of Theodore Roosevelt, who used his office as a “Bully Pulpit”; Franklin D. Roosevelt, who welcomed the hatred of the wealthy elite; Harry Truman, who gave the Republicans “hell” in 1948; and Lyndon B. Johnson, who used ultimate executive influence to gain his Great Society accomplishments.

This is the time for Barack Obama to solidify support for the long term economic future of the United States, and if the Republicans try to stop him, let them gain a further negative image among the American people!