Carbon Emissions

An Important Step Forward Environmentally: EPA Plan For Cut In Carbon Emissions, Greenhouse Gases By 2030!

The Obama Administration has taken an important step forward on climate change and global warming, with the Environmental Protection Agency decision to call for a 30 percent cut in Carbon Emissions and Greenhouse Gases by 2030 from the level that was present in 2005! Power plants around the nation would have to comply under the proposed directives.

Of course, the energy industries are up in arms over this, and predictably the same with the Republican Party and conservatives, but that is par for the course.

The coal producing states and counties are, obviously, unhappy with the EPA ruling, and the same with the Oil states, so predictably, we see Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky and Senator Mary Landrieu, and other Democrats from the energy producing states, opposing any action.

But this is just a medium step, as the nation must think about the long term future, not just the present, so the battle on climate change and global warming goes on!