Campaign Fundraising

Positive Signs For The Obama Campaign And The Democrats

With 23 days to go to the Presidential Election of 2012, the situation is improving for the Democrats and Barack Obama.

The evidence includes the following:

Joe Biden went on the offensive against Paul Ryan, and demonstrated the falsehoods and deceptions promoted by Ryan and his running mate, Mitt Romney.

Barack Obama is working more diligently at debate preparation, and the Town Hall format of the second Presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York on Tuesday favors his strengths, as compared to Romney.

Early voting statistics in Ohio indicate a massive lead for Obama, a very encouraging development. And no Republicans has ever won the Presidency without Ohio, and the Electoral College still favors the President in most scenarios, as he only needs to win two to three of nine states considered “swing” states, to secure 270 electoral votes.

The Democratic Congressional Committee raised twice the amount of the National Republican Congressional Committee in August.

The Obama campaign has gained a grand total of 4 million contributors to their effort, the most in history.

Many incumbent Republicans are facing tough reelection campaigns, including Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Joe Walsh, Eric Cantor, Allen West, and even Paul Ryan.

The odds of a continued Senate majority for the Democrats are increasing.

The chances of a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives are also increasing, with Democrats rating higher in public opinion polls about Congress, than the Republicans.

Of course, the situation will remain fluid, and there could be last minute changes, but right now, things look promising on all fronts!

The Republicans’ “Winning Strategy” Becoming A “Losing” Strategy

The Republican Party, both on the Presidential level with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and on the Congressional level, has had a three pronged strategy to win, but every indication is that their plans are going awry!

First, the Republicans have done everything to promote lies, deception, and distortion about the Barack Obama record in office.

Secondly, they have, openly, worked to deny the vote to millions of Americans through Voter ID laws, when there is no evidence of voter fraud.

Thirdly, they have spent wildly, particularly with the backing of billionaires, trying to “buy” the election.

None of this is working, as the Democrats are being very effective in getting the truth out about Obama, and showing the constant contradictions and lies of the Romney-Ryan campaign.

Secondly, many attempts at Voter ID laws and cutting of early voting have been rejected by state and federal court judges, who have not been controlled by the Republican political machines.

Thirdly, the power of money in the hands of a few is being outweighed by three million plus ordinary citizens giving small contributions, and the power of money has been proved wrong before, as in California in 2010 for the gubernatorial and US Senate races, where Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina spent tens of millions of dollars, and still lost!

So the Senate looks more likely to remain Democratic, and the House is seeing gains by the Democrats, and the chance of winning control growing.

And Mitt Romney is floundering, as Obama gains momentum!

While still 47 days away, the election is looking good for Democrats, as the truth gets out!