Campaign Fund Raising

Obama And Democratic Fund Raising Far Outpaces Republicans In Presidential Race!

President Obama’s 2012 campaign raised $86 million in the second quarter of 2011, far outpacing the Republicans who raised only about $35 million, less than the $38 million of the Democratic National Committee portion of Obama’s $86 million!

Mitt Romney gained about half of the $35 million, a total of $18 million, with everyone else in the GOP far behind, although Michele Bachmann has not yet released her totals for the second quarter.

The pace of fund raising far outdoes what George W. Bush did in 2004 and Obama himself in 2008, and it proves that it is likely that Obama will raise $1 billion for his campaign by the time it is over!

With such a large Democratic advantage in fund raising, it will be harder for Republicans to run a substantive campaign against Obama, so with all of the problems that Obama has to face, and the challenges he has daily, this is wonderful news!