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Rick Santorum: Delusional Liar, NOT A Candidate For Vice President!

Rick Santorum is on his last legs as a Presidential candidate, and not too soon!

The former Pennsylvania Senator is about to lose the Maryland and Wisconsin Primaries being held tomorrow, and as he flails about, trying to gain traction in recent weeks, he has been shown to be a delusional liar!

Two examples follow:

About a month ago, he attacked the nation, The Netherlands (also known as Holland, with the people being the Dutch), claiming that they promote mercy killing or euthanasia against old people, against their will, and he connects this to his pro life views.

Why is Santorum even spending time condemning a foreign government that is a friend of the United States, an ally in NATO, who he would have to deal with if he was President of the United States? Is this the way to conduct diplomacy, to make up stories and issue attacks on no evidence at all, since this assertion by Santorum about the Netherlands is TOTALLY untrue!

What does this tell us? It shows us that Rick Santorum is a delusional liar! He does not know what he talking about, and it makes one wonder about his sanity and stability to be President!

The second example just occurred recently, when Santorum, out of the blue, declared that the California state university system does not teach American History courses, even if one wants to take them!

Except for one fact that is clear: This is totally made up, is totally untrue, and one can show this by examining the class schedules and catalogues of all the state university system schools.

Why does Santorum make up such a story, and what is his purpose in saying such ridiculous, untrue accusations?

The answer is that we do not know, and Santorum will not apologize through even a campaign aide, that he might have misspoken.

No, he continues to assert total falsehoods, and shows evidence that he can only be described as a delusional liar!

This man is not only wrong headed in his views, but he is also a dangerous, unstable man who apparently does not realize how ridiculous he sounds, and how totally wrong he is in what he claims!

Thank goodness this man is not going to the White House, and if Mitt Romney has the nerve and craziness to pick Santorum as his Vice Presidential running mate, he should be condemned by everyone as putting, within a heartbeat of the Presidency, a person actually more dangerous than Sarah Palin, who may be dumb and ill informed, but is not perceived as a delusional liar!