Mitt Romney Wants Us To “Trust Him”, Avoiding Specifics! Why Should We Trust The “Lie Master And Chameleon?”

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee, refuses to be specific about his plans for the economy to deal with taxes and the budget.

Romney refuses to be specific about what he would do about the illegal immigration controversy.

He refuses to be specific about ANYTHING, instead preferring to attack President Barack Obama as having failed, and that he, as a businessman, has the answers as to how to create jobs, even though he did a poor job on that score as Massachusetts Governor for four years.

Mitt Romney also repudiates his major accomplishment, the Massachusetts Health Care plan, which was used by Obama as a model for his health care plan.

Mitt Romney has changed his views on EVERY topic and issue imaginable, recasting himself as a “severe” conservative, when the record shows that he is a moderate Republican in his views.

Romney expects us to “trust” him, even though he avoids specifics, and is a total chameleon! The term “flip flopper extraordinaire” fits him to a tee!

So what it comes down to is that Mitt Romney is an expert “Lie Master”, who wants us to forget that he seems to have no principles, and despite his great statements of how religious he is about his Mormon faith, he will not even explain his religious viewpoints, evading it totally!

And if someone is so “religious”, then why can he not tell the truth about anything, or be consistent in his views on anything?

Why is he a “weather vane”, who changes direction on a moment’s notice?

This is the man who wants our support in November, running against a man who has already changed the course of history in numerous ways that are long lasting and productive, and has done a great deal economically to head us in the proper direction.

Yes, more needs to be done economically, but enough has been done, and the principles of the man who did it, to make any sane person realize that a “Lie Master” chameleon like Mitt Romney is NOT the better choice to be our President!

And think about it: Richard Nixon told us to “trust him”, and elect him on a “secret” plan to end the war in Vietnam, which he did not have! We know the kind of President Richard Nixon turned out to be, a “Lie Master”, who was forced out of the Presidency, and is a stain on the history of that office, despite some positive developments, which do not make up for the shortcomings of a person we chose to “trust” without facts or evidence!