Brain Tumors

National Transportation Safety Board Recommends Ban On Cell Phone Use For Drivers

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that all states ban cell phone use by drivers as a threat to life and safety.

There is no question of the loss of life associated with such cell phone use by drivers, who are easily distracted by talking on phones and texting, even a bigger transgression.

Somehow, we managed to live without cell phones in the past, and to top it off, now there is growing evidence that extensive use of cell phones is likely to lead to an expansion of the number of people who will have brain tumors in future years.

The problem is though how to ban cell phone use by drivers, as it is highly unlikely that fining drivers will stop it.

And, of course, conservatives will complain that it is big government interference in people’s lives.

So, unfortunately, little can be done in reality to stop the crazy, suicidal behavior by drivers!