Berlin Blockade

The History Of Foreign Policy Crises At Election Time

It is nothing new to have foreign policy crises at election time in American history, whether Presidential elections or midterm Congressional elections!

Examples include:

Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Election of 1940, after Great Britain was being bombed by the Germans, and France had fallen to the Nazis.

Harry Truman in the Election of 1948, facing the Berlin Blockade Crisis with the Soviet Union.

Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Election of 1956, facing the Hungarian invasion by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies, and the Suez Crisis in the Middle East.

John F. Kennedy facing the Cuban Missile Crisis in the midterm election of 1962.

Lyndon B. Johnson facing opposition growing in the Vietnam War after the Tet Offensive, and the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union and its allies, in the Election of 1968.

Jimmy Carter facing the Afghanistan invasion by the Soviet Union, and the Iran Hostage Crisis, in the Election of 1980.

George H. W. Bush facing the Kuwaiti invasion by Iraq in the midterm election of 1990, leading to the Persian Gulf War.

George W. Bush facing the War on Terror, and the invasion of Afghanistan, and planned invasion of Iraq, in the midterm election of 2002.

And now, Barack Obama facing the Russian intervention in Ukraine, and the growing threat of ISIL (ISIS) in the Middle East, in the midterm election of 2014.

Why The Republican Party Cannot Defeat Barack Obama In 2012

The Republican Party is involved in an internal struggle, trying to find someone who can unite the party, and defeat President Obama, but it is all for naught!

Why is this so, despite many prognosticators who think Obama is eminently defeatable in 2012?

1. The Republican Party has come up with a list of candidates who are eminently outrageous and outside the mainstream of America, with the exception of Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman.

2. The party stands for making hard times worse for the average American and undermining our relationship with the world, as they take the wrong position on the mortgage crisis, education, infrastructure, first responders, taxation of the wealthy, the environment, illegal immigration, racial matters, Wall Street abuses, labor rights, women’s rights, religious toleration, international organizations, the Iraq War, health care, gay rights–is that list of SIXTEEN policies long enough for you?

3. Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, both being Mormons, have a problem in the primaries and caucuses, and among Southern evangelicals, an important portion of the Republican constituency, as they are seen by many as part of a cult.

4. Mitt Romney has such a reputation as a “flip flopper” on EVERY issue that he loses all credibility! Is there even one issue where he is consistent with his past? The answer is NO!

5. Jon Huntsman is counting too much on New Hampshire, and has so far flopped in public opinion polls, because he is so mainstream and decent, which the Republicans are not looking for this time around, so they are not smart enough, and he is not lucky enough, to be seen, at least at this point, as a serious candidate, and if so later, he is still a Mormon!

6. Since it still seems likely with all his faults that Romney may survive as the nominee, there will be little enthusiasm for him among Southerners and right winger Tea Party types, who will likely stay home, because they see Mitt Romney as not someone who would, in office, support their agenda.

7. In debates between Romney and Obama, Obama would shine, and assault the changing views of Romney, and Romney would wilt under the pressure, as he would be exposed as someone who the American people could not trust on anything he would advocate, and he would have to support ideas that a majority of people would not endorse, on many of the ideas mentioned above.

8. Therefore, the possibility does exist that Barack Obama could win a landslide victory, possibly greater than in 2008, because the American people would see that he has done much of what he wished to, has been stopped by Republican obstructionism on many other issues, and ultimately, can “feel their pain”, which Mitt Romney, the super wealthy corporate type, DOES NOT! The groups that backed Obama in 2008 will see the need to come out and vote, and that will make a dramatic difference in the results!

9. Barack Obama’s outstanding record on national security and foreign relations will have a tremendous effect on his campaign fortunes, just as they did for Harry Truman in 1948 during the Berlin Blockade!

So do not put betting money on the Republicans winning the White House in 2012!