Arizona Firefighters Funeral

Vice President Joe Biden: The Consoler In Chief, Because He Is Genuine!

Vice President Joe Biden presided appropriately and with feeling at the funeral service of 19 Arizona firefighters yesterday.

He said all the proper things to say, expressed with emotion, and united those gathered in the mourning of the loss of 19 heroic young men, who devoted their careers to helping others, rather than going the “fast track” to wealth and status.

These young men represent the best in American youth, commitment to state and nation, not to the almighty dollar, wishing to do something significant for others, saving the public from the disaster of forest fires.

Joe Biden is the ideal “Consoler in Chief”, as he is the most genuine political leader we have seen in a long time. He is from the people, a person of average means, who has devoted his life to public service, setting a model for young people as to his commitment to do what is right, even if it is unpopular.

We are fortunate to have such a man in the Vice Presidency, and to know that IF emergency arose, he could fill the shoes of the Presidency very well, rather than having to worry about the competence and compassion of a Spiro Agnew or Dan Quayle who both caused great concern when they were in the Vice Presidency, or Sarah Palin or Paul Ryan, who caused many sleepless nights during the Presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012, that they just might end up a heartbeat away from the Oval Office!

Whether one agrees or not with the public policy positions of Joe Biden, his sincerity, his genuine nature, his compassion, his competence, cannot be debated!