Anti Trump “Former” Republicans

Time For Anti Trump Conservatives And Republicans To Begin Campaign To Deny Donald Trump Future In The White House!

With the defeat of Liz Cheney for her Wyoming Congressional seat, it is clearly time for anti Trump conservatives and Republicans to begin the campaign to deny Donald Trump the White House in 2024.

It is also time to deny ANY Republican leader, who has Presidential ambitions and continues to back Donald Trump, from becoming his replacement on the Republican ticket.

And if such cannot be accomplished, then someone in the anti Trump conservative and Republican camp MUST mount an Independent campaign for President in 2024, which would deny such a MAGA Republican nominee the ability to defeat the Democratic nominee for President.

At this juncture, potential candidates to announce for the Presidency to challenge the Trump conservatives and Republicans would include:

Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska
Senator Mitt Romney of Utah
Outgoing Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson
Outgoing Maryland Governor Larry Hogan
Outgoing Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker
New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Outgoing Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger
Outgoing Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney

There may be others not thought of at the moment, but anyone of these would be a better choice than the multitude of those Republicans who accept Donald Trump and the “Big Lie”!

This does not mean that this author and blogger would vote for any of the above list, but IF one of them somehow became President, the nation would be safe from the imminent threat to American democracy and the rule of law!

A List Of 80 “Former” Republicans,”Still” Republicans, And Principled Conservatives Who Refuse Trump In The Future

A list of 80 “Former” Republicans, “Still” Republicans, and Principled Conservatives who refuse Donald Trump presently and in the future is incomplete, including, in no special order:

Adam Kinzinger
Liz Cheney
Anthony Gonzalez
Peter Meijer
Nicolle Wallace
Joe Scarborough
George Will
Max Boot
Richard Painter
Steve Schmidt
Jennifer Rubin
Bill Kristol
Joe Walsh
Susan Collins
Stephen Hayes
John Kasich
Miles Taylor
Christine Todd Whitman
Meg Whitman
Susan Molinari
Carly Fiorina
Evan McMullin
Charlie Dent
Jeff Flake
Gordon Humphrey
Chuck Hagel
Michael Hayden
Ben Sasse
Jim Kolbe
Ray LaHood
Jim Leach
Christopher Shays
Rick Snyder
William Weld
John Bolton
Larry Hogan
Phil Scott
Paul Ryan
John Boehner
John Kelly
Lisa Murkowski
Mitt Romney
George W. Bush
Cindy McCain
John Kelly
Mark Sanford
Dan Coats
Charlie Baker
Rex Tillerson
Charlie Sykes
George Conway
Rick Wilson
Kurt Bardella
Michael Steele
William Cohen
Tom Ridge
James Comey
Peggy Noonan
Olivia Troye
Bob Corker
Justin Amash
Barbara Comstock
David Jolly
Mia Love
George Pataki
Lowell Weicker
Arnold Schwarzenegger
David French
David Frum
David Brooks
Margaret Hoover
Matt Lewis
Bret Stephens
Mona Charen
S E Cupp
Jonah Goldberg
Ana Navarro
Tim Miller
John Katko
Fred Upton