Health Care Reform, The AARP, And The AMA

With all of the bitter attacks on health care reform legislation by conservatives and Republicans, the American Association of Retired Persons and the American Medical Association have come out in support of the House of Representatives bill, that has been denounced by one Republican Congresswoman as more dangerous than terrorism for America.

The preposterous nature of Virginia Foxx’s attack and similar ones by other GOP leaders and talk show hosts, and even entertainers such as Pat Boone and Jon Voight, is well documented by the strong support that health care reform is receiving from thoughtful Americans who realize that the lack of better health care is killing 45,000 Americans every year, and forcing many thousands into bankruptcy and other tragic results.

This is the most important piece of legislation since 1965 when Medicare was passed, after bitter attacks similar to the present battle. We are reaching the moment of reckoning as the year 2009 nears an end!

Strong Support For Health Care Reform From AMA And AARP

Very encouraging news this weekend comes from the head of the American Medical Association and the leader of the American Association Of Retired Persons, two powerful groups that have endorsed Health Care plans advocated by President Obama and Democratic leaders of Congress.

They argued that rationing of health care would NOT occur, and that the so called accusations of “death panels” was a terrible falsehood, and that a complete overhaul would promote major savings and get rid of waste present in today’s health care system.

This was a major rebuke to GOP leaders who contend that the administration plan has too many flaws, and should be abandoned.

This news comes at a time when the Democrats and Obama can use any support they can get, with the growing attack on the plan by corporate and conservative interests.