ABC News Presidential Debate

Two Presidential Debates–June 27 And September 10

President Joe Biden took the offensive and proposed two debates with Donald Trump, outside of the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has set the standard since 1988.

The first debate will be on Thursday June 27, sponsored by CNN; and the second debate will be on Tuesday September 10, sponsored by ABC News.

The debates will have no audiences, and will be two hours long, with the plan to shut off microphones to prevent either candidate from interfering with the other candidate speaking.

And there will be, according to the plan, no third party candidate, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. participating in the debate, as only a true lunatic would think that RFK Jr. is a serious contender for the Presidency!

The setup for the debates will be similar to those of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in the first such televised debates in 1960.

“None Of The Above” Best Choice In Iowa Republican Caucuses!

After a Fox News Channel debate last night, preceded by the ABC News debate earlier this week, and both debates conducted in Iowa, it is clear that the best choice for Republican Caucus voters is to vote “None Of The Above”, as it is obvious that none of the candidates are truly worthy of their support!

The only candidate worth considering is Jon Huntsman, who did not participate in the ABC News debate, although he did in the Fox News debate. But he is not making a major effort in Iowa, anyway, focusing his attention in New Hampshire, where he has experienced a surge to third place, as disillusionment with Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney is mounting.

Mitt Romney did better in last night’s debate than the one earlier this week, while Newt Gingrich showed his weaknesses and shortcomings yesterday, particularly his patronizing attitude toward Michele Bachmann, who actually has had some good points to make in these past two debates, against both Romney and Gingrich, who she has labeled as “Newt Romney”!

Rick Perry has only managed to propose a “part time Congress”, similar to what Texas has, which explains why Texas is so poorly governed! The fact is that Congress needs to spend MORE TIME, not less, in dealing with the problems of the country! Gingrich wanted to change our Constitution also, like Perry, by calling for federal judges to be subjected to congressional challenge face to face, a whacky and dangerous idea for the “separation of powers” doctrine.

Ron Paul may be the one to benefit from all this, as it seems more likely that the vote in Iowa caucuses may be very evenly divided, with a narrow win by Paul being possible!

So it might be that “None Of The Above” is the best answer, ultimately, in the Iowa Caucuses!