“47 percent”

“47 Percenter” Mitt Romney Gains “47 Percent” Of Final Presidential Vote, From The True “Moochers”: The Ultimate Irony!

Mitt Romney lost the Presidency for many reasons too numerous to list here, but ultimately, his “47 percent” comment, denigrating nearly half of the nation as “moochers”, did him in.

So now, the ultimate irony: Mitt Romney ended up winning 47.49 percent of the total national vote for President! So the “47 percent” candidate won “47 percent”–so appropriate!

And get this, he won the “Moocher Vote”, defined differently than he portrayed it!

After all, he won a majority of the wealthy, who “mooch” off all of us through corporate “welfare” and Bush tax cuts!

And he won a majority of the senior citizens, many of whom are better off than everyone else through America, but of course became so because of Democratic programs and laws, not Republican laws, which have never benefited the older part of our society. It is Social Security and Medicare, Democratic designed programs, which have made senior citizens as prosperous as many of them are!

And Romney won the “red” states of the South and Great Plains and Mountain West, which are, in most cases, the poorest states, who continue to get “handouts” in the form of shifting of tax benefits from the more prosperous, “blue”, Democratic states in the Northeast and New England, the upper Midwest, and the Pacific Coast states.

So, the TRUE “moochers”, the “47 percent”, voted for the “47 percenter”, Mitt Romney!

Mitt Romney Lacks Dignity And Class, Proving He Is The Worst Republican Nominee For President Since Barry Goldwater In 1964!

Former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has managed to reach a new low, in stating that Barack Obama won the election because of “gifts” to African Americans, Hispanics, women, and young people.

What gall and nerve this man has, and it proves he is a sore loser, as much as his running mate, Paul Ryan!

Romney was very willing to give “gifts” to corporations and wealthy people, had he been elected President. He had no shame in condemning the “47 Percent” in his Boca Raton statement, unaware that it was being taped. He later apologized for it, but now we know it was a false apology.

So Romney, again, proves he is a damned liar, a phony, a person who has no concern for anyone unless they are rich and powerful. He was not running to do what was best for the American people, but instead for the chance to add to his wealth, and have power to further promote the plutocracy, which already has too much power in this country!

Mitt Romney lacks dignity and class, and is, without doubt, the worst Republican nominee for President since Barry Goldwater in 1964!

And even Goldwater, at the least, had PRINCIPLES, while Romney has none, except his own aggrandizement!

Mitt Romney Shows His True Character, With His Campaign Criticizing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Mitt Romney’s campaign is rapidly imploding, and Romney’s spokesman is now criticizing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for praising President Barack Obama for his quick response to Hurricane Sandy, including touring the area of devastation with Christie.

Rupert Murdoch and other conservatives are already laying the base for blaming Romney’s defeat on Christie, and Romney aides are claiming that Christie is annoyed that he was bypassed for Vice President.

This whole event just demonstrates further how Romney is not fit to be our President, since he does not give a damn for the “47 percent”, and for the Northeast, since he knows he will not be gaining their electoral support on Tuesday. The fact that Christie is doing what he needs to do for his state does not seem to cross Romney’s selfish, mean spirited personality, but it is clear that he is not the proper person to lead us into the future!

American Jews, Israel And Barack Obama: Why Two Thirds Of Jews Will Support Obama Over Mitt Romney

With two days to go until the election, the Republican Jewish Coalition has been actively trying to convince American Jews that Barack Obama is not supportive of Israel, and that they should support Mitt Romney for President.

Will the RJC succeed? To some extent, yes, in the sense that while 78 percent of American Jews backed Barack Obama in 2008, the number will be down to about 60-63 percent in 2012.

There are those Jews who are extremely wealthy and do not wish to pay more taxes, such as the group which met in Boca Raton, at the infamous gathering where Romney talked about the “47 percent”. Those who are corporate, Wall Street, and banking related will wish to have the government abandon any regulations, so they can go about their merry way abusing their industries, as they did in 2008. and earlier, without any care for the damage they were doing to the American economy!

Those who are highly religious will use it as a means to promote prejudice, based on the belief that Obama is a secret Muslim, and of course, being black, is not a plus to highly religious people, whether Jewish or Christian, a sad commentary on what the meaning of religion is all about!

Those who look at Israel as the number one issue will wish to allow Benjamin Netanyahu to influence American policy, even though if any other foreign leader ever attempted to interfere as Netanyahu has, they would be infuriated by such boldness of a foreign leader!

But American Jews, while caring about Israel, will not allow Netanyahu, or religiosity, or counting their money, to be the key factors in their voting. So yes, the percentage will be down, but Jews who do not allow any of the above to influence them will remember that Obama and his party are the party of the New Deal and Great Society reforms, which Romney and the Republicans wish to destroy!

They will know that it was REPUBLICAN Presidents who made life much more difficult for Israel, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush, even though the RJC conveniently manipulates the truth about that

They will know that Defense Minister Ehud Barak (a former Prime Minister); Shimon Peres (Israel’s President); Haaretz (the oldest Israeli daily newspaper); Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel; and most prominent American Jewish leaders have all endorsed Obama, or said that he has been the best friend of Israel of all American Presidents.

They will know that most American Presidents either never visited Israel, or not in their first term, despite the lies of the RJC.

They will know that Obama has supplied Israel with the IRONDOME missile defense system, and more than $3.1 billion in security spending beyond that, and has defended Israel consistently in international organizations, including the United Nations.

They know that George W. Bush also talked about the 1967 borders as a beginning point for negotiations, the same thing that Barack Obama said.

They know the Jewish tradition of being activists in civil rights; of supporting women’s rights; of being big promoters of labor unions; of being involved in promoting education and the environment on a regular basis; and advocates of aid to the disabled; and of always being against the negativism of the Republican Party on domestic matters, always resisting Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and every other social, economic and political reform the Democrats have promoted over the past century.

They know that the party of the people is NOT the Republicans, but the Democrats, and they are not about to abandon the party that has done so much good, particularly when we could see the alternative of the most right wing threat in American history since Barry Goldwater in 1964!

American Jews are OVERWHELMINGLY oriented toward reform, progress, change, compassion for those who are discriminated against and less fortunate, and they are intelligent and wise enough not to vote for the party of Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and right wing evangelicals who wish to take away our civil liberties and civil rights!

So close to two thirds of American Jews will repudiate the RJC, and support their President, Barack Obama!

The Despicable Arrogance Of Mitt Romney And His Wealthy Boca Raton Supporters!

Let this author start off by pointing out that he lives in Boca Raton, Florida, in the same zip code as the wealthy Republicans who live in gated communities, but lives in a “normal” middle class home without gates to keep out others!

He is personally embarrassed by the obscene gaudiness and arrogant attitude of multimillionaires who live in gated communities, and think they are better than the rest of us!

These are the people who mistreat the workers in supermarkets, drug stores, and all other local businesses, because, somehow they think their wealth makes them “entitled” to treat others not as fortunate as them, in an insulting, rude, demanding manner!

It is people like this who could sit in the home of a “privileged character” who could demand $50,000 campaign contribution from each participant, the average income of a family of four in America, and twice what many families earn in annual income!

They could sit there and listen to Mitt Romney say he did not care about 47 percent of the population, and the nerve of that 47 percent to think they were “entitled” to food, housing, and health care, and not one spoke up in opposition! Remember that the “47 percent” include veterans, senior citizens, single mothers and children, college students, minorities, and disabled people!

How low and disgraceful could any human being go in not giving a damn about their fellow human beings, and only be interested in the constant acquisition of wealth at the expense of others losing their jobs, their health care, and their homes!

How can these wealthy people look in the mirror each day and not feel that this is not the message of Jesus or Moses, to look down on fellow human beings, and just go ahead and exploit others for material gain without any conscience?

What has happened to America that wealthy people like these in Boca Raton, Florida, have so little concern about others, and can back a candidate who exudes selfishness, greed, and materialism in the most ugly fashion?

These wealthy people who met at a Boca Raton mansion should be ashamed of themselves, and if they claim, as many probably do, to be “religious”, they should meet the judgment of their deity in the afterlife with a strong punishment for their misbehavior on earth!

They have forgotten that the way one treats the “little people” in life, the ones who earn low income but do service for all of us in different ways, is the best judgment of one’s character, and on that test, all these Boca Raton millionaires fail miserably!