Split Governments: Governors And State Legislatures

Five states have Democratic Governors and Republican controlled legislatures.

Arizona has Katie Hobbs as Governor since 2023.

Kansas has Laura Kelly as Governor since 2019.

Kentucky has Andy Beshear as Governor since 2019.

North Carolina has Roy Cooper as Governor since 2017, and he is term limited.

Wisconsin has Tony Evers as Governor since 2019.

Also, Pennsylvania has a Democratic Governor in Josh Shapiro since 2023, and with a split legislature with the State Senate being Republican controlled and the State Assembly being Democratic controlled.

Three states have Republican governors and Democratic controlled legislatures.

Nevada has Joe Lombardo as Governor since 2023.

Vermont has Phil Scott as Governor since 2017, and there are no term limits, with two year terms in Vermont.

Virginia has Glenn Youngkin as Governor since 2022, and he is term limited to one term that ends in 2025.

Also, Alaska has a Republican Governor in Mike Dunleavy since the end of 2018, and with a split legislature with the State Senate being Democratic and the House of Representatives being Republican.

This all makes for interesting politics!

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