Donald Trump More Unstable Every Day!

As Donald Trump speaks before crowds in his campaign speeches, his rhetoric becomes more unstable every day.

Bragging, for instance, that he has prevented any regulation of the gun industry; that if NATO nations do not increse payments, he would not insure their protection by the US and encourage aggression by Russia; and ridiculing Nikki Haley’s husband who is serving in the military, while Trump avoided any military service decades ago on false pretenses, are just three of the multitude of horrendous utterances by Trump, not in just the past couple of days, but for eight years now since he first announced his Presidential candidacy in 2015!

Never has America had a President and now a contender to come back to the office, who has utilizied such reckless, aberrant behavior as Trump!

This reality, along with his clearly demented and deteriorating sense of reality, when compared to the occasional flubs and momentary slip ups of a President, Joe Biden, who has done a wonderful job in both domestic and foreign policy overall, cries out for an aggressive campaign by Biden and his supporters to alarm citizens of the choice they have!

While many might wish for younger candidates, it is absolutely the case that the experience and wisdom and decency of Joe Biden are the alternative to an opponent who is a mortal danger to America and the world, and must be defeated at all costs!

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