Joe Biden, The Diplomat In Action

President Joe Biden demonstrated his diplomatic skills these past few days, having what is described as productive meetings with the leaders of China and Mexico at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference in California.

Twenty one nations are part of APEC, including, among others, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Biden has had long experiences in diplomacy as Vice President under Barack Obama, and earlier was engaged in foreign relations in his 36 years in the US Senate, including time as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman.

Along with George H. W. Bush and Richard Nixon, Biden stands out on a short list of Presidents since World War II with foreign policy expertise before becoming President, and that is a major asset for American national security!

2 comments on “Joe Biden, The Diplomat In Action

  1. Wayne Johnson November 19, 2023 8:56 am

    Plus current Republicans’ Platform for this election is “Bidenomics” failure.

    Well let’s review what leaders if Fortune 500 Companies are saying.

    Walmart CEO says high inflation has ended and that shoppers may soon encounter the polar opposite in stores: deflation | Fortune

    Home Depot says the worst of inflation is over — that could be good news for retailers and shoppers. Home Depot echoed government data on Tuesday that indicates inflation is cooling. With its comments, Home Depot gave fresh hope for consumers and the broader economy.

    Home Depot says inflation has cooled during earnings report

    And my good friend who owned a very successful Commercial Construction Company before selling it for $Millions of Dollars, and is also on a local bank’s board says, “That’s the indication at the bank too. I forsee rates will start to come down in time for the election.”

    Someone needs to inform “Business Failure Treasonous Trump,” this is what “Winning” looks like.

  2. Princess Leia November 19, 2023 6:52 pm

    Rosalynn Carter has died.

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