Deterioration Of Donald Trump An Alarm Bell That He MUST Be Stopped!

Any sane person, and unfortunately, there seem to be millions of Americans who are not so, would recognize the mental deterioration of Donald Trump, and his threats to impose totalitarian authoritarianism if he is returned to the White House!

Trump thinks Barack Obama is still President, and has the delusion that he can be installed in the White House despite his loss to Joe Biden!

The evil people around him would be very dangerous, as they would do his bidding, and do not care about American democracy and the rule of law!

Whatever means are necessary to stop this lunatic are essential, as Donald Trump has shown us that he is dangerous to all of us in America and in foreign affairs as well!

There is an alarm bell ringing, and every step MUST be taken in every way possible, to prevent Trump from ever having the chance to destroy our nation’s traditions and heritage!

One comment on “Deterioration Of Donald Trump An Alarm Bell That He MUST Be Stopped!

  1. Wayne Johnson November 14, 2023 4:54 pm

    Buridan’s Donkey

    Buridan’s principle refers to a hypothetical situation wherein an ass that is both hungry and thirsty is placed midway between a stack of hay and a pail of water. The paradox states that since the ass cannot make any decision between hay and water, it dies of hunger and thirst. Jean Buridan, the French philosopher to whom the paradox is attributed, was born in the fourteenth century in Picardy, France, and taught logic and the works of Aristotle at the University of Paris before becoming its rector.

    Buridan was influenced by the writings of Aristotle when he wrote about the paradox— Aristotle had discussed this concept in his book, “On the Heavens” and had said that “a man, being just as hungry as thirsty, and placed in between food and drink, must necessarily remain where he is and starve to death.”

    While Buridan used a donkey, Aristotle used man as the protagonist to highlight the dilemma faced while making a choice between two goods.

    Before Buridan, the 12th-century Persian scholar and philosopher Al-Ghazali too had discussed the application of this paradox to human decision making. He contended that free will could break the stalemate. Al-Ghazali stated: “Suppose there are two similar dates in front of a man, who has a strong desire for them but is unable to take them both, surely, he will take one of them, through a quality in him, the nature of which is to differentiate between two similar things.”

    The Buridan paradox has applications in politics too. It is played out during every election. The voter is the Buridan’s ass, who cannot choose between two contestants having questionable credentials. In many cases the rational voter is undecided and may choose the least undesirable. It is also possible that due to indecision he may not vote at all.

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