Day: July 8, 2023

Four Really Likeable Democratic Politicians: Potential Future Presidential Contenders!

When one examines the members of Congress and the governorships, it is clear that only a small number are really likeable human beings.

Many politicians are effective, but do not make one feel close to them, as compassion and empathy are rare commodities.

If asked who does this author and blogger see as having compassion and empathy, and coming across as warm personalities that enthuse him, this would be the list in no special order, all Democrats!

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (age 50)

Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff (age 36)

Maryland Governor Wes Moore (age 44)

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro (age 50)

All four of the above are young, potential future leaders and candidates for the Presidency.

Thoughts about this list, and suggestions for modifications are welcome!