Day: January 12, 2023

The Disaster Of Charlatan George Santos, A Burden For Nassau County, Long Island, New York!

This author and blogger grew up on Long Island, in northern Queens and Nassau County, and lived there for four decades before moving to South Florida.

The area I used to live in is now represented in the House of Representatives by a person who lied about his background, education, religion, sexuality, and his financing for his election.

George Santos is a disgrace, and an embarrassment to anyone who is a decent human being, and his Nassau County,Long Island Republican Party has denounced him, and called for his resignation.

But Santos says he will not leave, and at this point, the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, with a razor thin margin, has decided they are not going to intervene and pursue what the Republican Party in New York wants, that the seat be made vacant, and a new election take place.

This mess makes Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy look horrible, and demonstrates how he is allowing himself to be controlled by extremists in the Republican caucus, who have no concern about the citizens of Nassau and Queens County, Long Island, New York having decent representation, whether Republican or Democrat.

Four other newly elected Republicans in New York State, and on Long Island, as well, have demanded that Santos leave.

However, it looks as if Santos is not going anywhere, and might very well serve two years, and go down in history as a totally corrupt political figure who foisted himself on the good citizens of his Congressional district!