Day: May 12, 2020

Costa Rica A Model For The World On The CoronaVirus Pandemic, And Shames America’s Response

The small nation of Costa Rica in Central America stands out as the most advanced nation in the region in so many ways, and arguably, is the most democratic and stable nation in all of Latin America.

Costa Rica has managed to be a democracy while surrounded by nations that have had regular dictatorship periods, and it has been very advanced in promotion of the environment, and many social reforms.

It is a more literate and advanced economy than much of the whole world, and has had no standing army since 1948, and yet has kept its sovereignty through so much turmoil in the Central American region.

The education and health care level of Costa Rica is very high, and extremely impressive. Many foreigners come to Costa Rica as “medical tourists” as the medical facilities and personnel are highly rated.

And now, Costa Rica has done very well in the CoronaVirus Pandemic response, with only 801 cases and 7 deaths, an amazing record.

Its citizens have been more responsible in obeying curfews and staying home, and it puts Americans who are anti science and boycotting the idea of staying home, to shame!

Costa Rica has become a model for the world in so many ways, and it has shamed the United States and Donald Trump, for the disgraceful response that has led to more than 80,000 deaths and counting, with a President who ignores and defies science, and will pay for it in his historical reputation being further damaged beyond repair!