Day: March 10, 2020

Donald Trump Proving Inability To Deal With CoronaVirus Crisis

Donald Trump is proving his inability to deal with the CoronaVirus Crisis, as all he is doing is playing politics, attacking Democrats with his insults, and contradicting health experts.

He is more concerned with his reelection, than caring about Americans and their health.

He seems totally out of control, unable to deal with reality, and his mental instability is clear to anyone who has a brain.

Some worry about Joe Biden and his mental stability, but Biden is showing statesmanship by saying that the President should keep his mouth shut, and let the health experts take control and do what they know best, how to control a situation that requires calm and measured judgment.

Americans are seeing just how incompetent our President is, as if they did not know it already, if they had been paying attention to his day by day actions and utterances for the past three years!