Tumult And Turmoil Follow Trump Gaining Of Majority Of Electoral Vote

We are now into the second day of tumult and turmoil nationally since Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Electoral College at 3 pm on Wednesday.

Anti Trump demonstrations have erupted all over the nation, and nothing like this has ever happened before.

Disillusioned and disgusted millions of people are having great trouble dealing with what seems to them to be the greatest tragedy to hit the nation since September 11, 2001 and November 22, 1963.

Some think that possibly the Electoral College members can be convinced to ignore the electoral vote and choose Hillary Clinton, since she won the national popular vote by about 250,000 votes and still counting, since individual electors can cast their vote in mid December in secret in each state capital.

But to change the entire result of the Electoral College by use of “faithless electors” would be unprecedented, although if it happened, there would be no way to change the secret vote, which would be announced in a joint session of Congress, presided over by Vice President Joe Biden in the early days of January.

One could say that this is already a constitutional crisis, as possibly there will be no peace and stability as the people of America rise up and demand that the popular vote alone should elect our President, despite the Electoral College being set up by the Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention.

5 comments on “Tumult And Turmoil Follow Trump Gaining Of Majority Of Electoral Vote

  1. Rational Lefty November 11, 2016 12:21 pm

    Michael Moore was on Morning Joe this morning. He mentioned there are plans for a million woman march on inauguration day.

    Southern Liberal, Pragmatic Progressive, Princess Leia, Former Republican, Rustbelt Democrat, and I plan to boycott by not watching the inauguration day coverage on TV.

  2. Former Republican November 11, 2016 4:55 pm

    I second what others, both here and on other Democratic/liberal/progressive blogs, have said. This was a white-lash, as Van Jones perfectly described it, against a changing country. Racism, and its bedfellow, sexism, have played a large part in bringing Trump to power. To ignore this is to legitimise discrimination. It irks me that many post election discussions I’ve heard on TV and in print news are tending to leave this factor out.

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