Day: May 20, 2016

Donald Trump And Taxes

Donald Trump is refusing to release his tax returns, claiming that he is being audited and cannot release them until the audit is over!

What a convenient excuse for a man who brags that his goal is to pay the fewest taxes possible, a terrible statement to make to the American people, who do not have all the lawyers, accountants, and ability to dodge taxes that he, and other wealthy people and many corporations, have!

In a nation where 95 percent of national income growth is going to the top one percent, including Donald Trump, this is asking for and begging for an uprising by average Americans, who are sick and disgusted at the lack of economic advancement available to most of them!

The war against taxes can only have one result, the total collapse of the nation’s ability to do what it must do in domestic and foreign affairs.

No one who is resistant to paying and revealing his taxes should be allowed to run for President, and Trump is the first nominee in 40 years to refuse to do what must be required!