Day: May 12, 2016

Donald Trump Changing His Views Like The Typical Politician He Says He Hates! The Ultimate Chameleon!

Donald Trump, the bully, braggart, narcissist, egotist, misogynist, nativist, racist, and all the other derogatory adjectives we can employ, is NOW proving he can change his views like the typical politician he says he hates!

Trump is now backing off on so many issues—the minimum wage, the Muslim ban, the self funding of his own campaign, the entitlements modifications—and if you give him enough time, he will back off on everything else!

Will that change the minds of his admiring followers, who are proving how clueless, ignorant, and quite frankly, lacking in factual knowledge, they are?

All my readers know the answer!

Trump is a charlatan of a massive order, a PT Barnum, and he has discovered there is a “sucker born every minute!” He is the ultimate chameleon!

The question is how anyone could trust Donald Trump with power, when he is a “loose cannon” with Fascist techniques. appealing to the insecurity in the American people!