The Die Is Cast! Hillary Clinton Is A Flawed Candidate Who Can No Longer Be Assured The Presidency, And The Democrats’ Hold On White House Is Now Endangered!

After Hillary Clinton’s contentious press conference a few days ago, regarding the Email controversy,  and with time to reflect on the situation, one thing is very clear.

Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate who will face problems winning  the Presidency, and the Democrats’ hold on the White House is now endangered!  This is the danger of “putting all your eggs in one basket”!

This comes at a time when rumor has it that Vice President Joe Biden has, supposedly, decided not to run for President.

If that is so, then, as things now stand, the Democrats are left with the likelihood that Bernie Sanders, who has always proudly declared that he is a Socialist, is their front runner, with what seems like little chance that Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, or Jim Webb could overtake him and become competitive.

And it seems that anyone else, such as former Vice President Al Gore or Secretary of State John Kerry, both past Democratic Presidential candidates, from 16 and 12 years ago, are unlikely to run, and in any case, would be long shots for the Presidency at this point.

This would be the time for a “new generation” of leadership to rise, with Martin O’Malley, the former Governor of Maryland, to be that individual—the new John F. Kennedy, or Jimmy Carter, or Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama—but that seems highly unlikely to occur.

It seems clear that the dream of having the first woman President, and it being Bill Clinton’s wife, long believed to be a fait accompli, is not going to happen, and if it somehow does anyway, that it would be a highly flawed Presidency.

Hillary Clinton seems to many neutral observers, and even some Democrats, to be a “Nixonian” kind of personality, surrounding herself with “yes” advisers, who are unwilling all along to tell her that the appearance of impropriety and lack of ethics is clear cut.

Hillary Clinton has so messed up her campaign by her behavior and actions as Secretary of State, and lame attempts to “cover it up”, that her candidacy is one of damage control, rather than being able to advance ideas and programs.

Hillary Clinton is very intelligent and capable, but she is, sadly, going to have a campaign dominated by the Email controversy, and the implication, which may be untrue,  that she has lied, deceived, and manipulated the truth about her activities.

Her behavior and actions now endanger the ability of the Democrats to retain control of the Presidency.  If one looks at the Electoral College situation, it should have been easy for the Democrats to win the White House, but now everything is unsettled, including the possible effect of the Donald Trump candidacy.

If the Democrats lose the White House, then the Republicans would have the ability to put the Obama Presidency’s accomplishments and advances in domestic and foreign policy into reverse, a true tragedy for the nation.

It would also endanger much of the Great Society of Lyndon B. Johnson and the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

It would probably mean a permanent, long term, right wing swing of the Supreme Court, affecting the next generation and more of legal and constitutional interpretation.

If the Democrats lose, Hillary Clinton will be blamed for the demise of what should have been an easy victory for the Democrats, but more importantly, the nation would suffer from a totally different approach to labor, the environment, women’s issues, race, immigration, science, and so much more.

So now, if not ever before, it is essential that the move of many to say “Run, Joe, Run”–to pressure Vice President Joe Biden to run—is now not just what Biden supporters wish to occur, but an absolute demand that he MUST run to save the Democratic Party and the American people from a right wing future in our government!

10 comments on “The Die Is Cast! Hillary Clinton Is A Flawed Candidate Who Can No Longer Be Assured The Presidency, And The Democrats’ Hold On White House Is Now Endangered!

  1. Ariel Leis August 26, 2015 5:48 pm

    I understand that nominating future Supreme Court Justices is important and affect future generations in the long run. But don’t you think our future generations, our sons, grandsons etc will be much more affected by the terrible debt the ruling generation is passing on to the upcoming generations? And none of the candidates are even talking about it. Not to mention our future unfunded liabilities. I think it is sad how Washington is destroying the future for our upcoming generation. I mean what kind of parent would not sacrifice himself for their kids? Yet we seem to be in the “live now and don’t give a damn about the future” mode of thinking. Truly sad.

  2. Ronald August 26, 2015 6:43 pm

    There is no question that the long term debt is a problem, but neither party has been willing to address it!

  3. Ariel Leis August 27, 2015 1:01 pm

    Well I will reserve my vote for a candidate that seriously proposed to address this issue. It is also true that neither party has not only addressed it but are co-responsible for the disastrous debt we have. And I may add the media also completely refuses to even mention the issue. Our debt has reached scandalous proportions and the media in general is silenced. I agreed with what President Obama said back in 08, that having a $9 trillion debt is unpatriotic But I would ask him today, what about having an $18 trillion debt then?

  4. Princess Leia August 28, 2015 6:56 am

    Based on various polling that has been done, economy and jobs seems to be more of a priority for voters than the debt/deficit is.

  5. Ariel Leis August 28, 2015 2:30 pm

    Princess Leia: That is logical because while debt is being accumulated we the current generation in charge do not feel the pain, nor are we going to be responsible for it when the day of reckoning arrives, unless it arrives sooner that we think. But the moment interest rates jumps just a few points and instead of having to pay $250 billion on interest alone we jump to $850 billion, then we will feel it. Do you think the Greeks worried about the debt and deficits during all those years prior to their day of reckoning? Of course not. They spent happily and recklessly. And you know what, the politicians that took Greece, as well as many other countries, to that situation of economical and societal collapse are retired and comfortably living their lives. And no one remembers the names of the congressmen who voted for more debt and debt. That said, in the end the debt is a problem for our future upcoming generations. We are screwing the future of our kids and grand-kids, and the poll only confirms the current ruling generation’s (us) selfishness.

  6. Princess Leia August 28, 2015 9:48 pm

    Thanks for the links Pragmatic. That Shook guy is exactly right!

  7. Rustbelt Democrat August 28, 2015 9:51 pm

    I second that!

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