Veterans And Evangelicals: Two Groups Alienated From Donald Trump!

Donald Trump’s recent attack on Arizona Senator John McCain, that his being a prisoner of war in North Vietnam did not make McCain a hero, was a terrible, disgraceful statement by a man who avoided the draft during the Vietnam War, while McCain suffered with torture, and refused to accept early return unless his fellow prisoners were also released.

That is a true mark of a profile in courage, and McCain, rightfully, whatever disagreements there might be with his views, should be honored, as all veterans who were prisoners of war should be, since that is a tremendous sacrifice for their country.

So Trump has, clearly, alienated millions of veterans of all of our wars, and that will help to destroy his candidacy for President.

Then, to top it off, Trump made it clear that he does not ask God for forgiveness of sins, which certainly will alienate millions of evangelical Christians and Catholics, who take their religion seriously, and vote in large numbers in the Iowa Caucuses, and generally have a great influence on the Republican Presidential race every four years, since the Religious Right became prominent in the late 1970s.

So Trump’s big mouth, and inability to filter what he thinks before he speaks, will, thankfully, undermine his candidacy, and, eventually, force him out of the Presidential race.

But of course, Trump could still run a third party or independent campaign, and have no controls on what he says, and in so doing, he would destroy the Republican Party and guarantee a Democratic Party Presidential and Congressional victory in 2016!

3 comments on “Veterans And Evangelicals: Two Groups Alienated From Donald Trump!

  1. Pragmatic Progressive July 23, 2015 12:13 pm

    Chris Matthews brought up a good point on his show this week. When Trump was leading the “birther” pack against President Obama, Fox News and other Republicans were laughing right along with him. Now that he’s picking on Republicans, they’re suddenly against him.

  2. Ronald July 23, 2015 12:24 pm

    Yes, Pragmatic Progressive, haha!

    The Republicans are getting what they richly deserve!

  3. D July 24, 2015 9:27 am

    I like “The Young Turks’s” Cenk Uygur’s theory on why Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential primaries polls.

    Uygur says it’s because, in the minds of those being polled, Trump comes off as a leader … and the rest are well behind.

    By being a “leader,” it doesn’t have to mean good or bad. It just means, in the minds of those being polled, they like what they perceive.

    Uygur went on to say that Trump benefits from coming across, unlike the rest, as not being part of the national Republican Party establishment.

    I think it’s an interesting theory on what draws people to a particular candidate. (For the time being.) And, in another thread response, I wrote that it’s too bad these controversies from Donald Trump weren’t happening six months later … for the sake of a preferred timeline.

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