Day: July 20, 2015

Donald Trump Candidacy Destroying Senate Careers Of Marco Rubio And Rand Paul

The no holds barred Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump is destroying the Senate careers of Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul!

Both Senators are in their first term, but have decided to gamble their seats by having announced for President.

Neither Florida nor Kentucky allows their office holders to compete for two positions, so both Senators are giving up their seats, and fellow Republicans have announced for the Senate in both states.

So if Rubio and Paul do not win the Presidential nomination of their party, their Senate careers come to an end, without much hope anytime soon, if ever, to get back their coveted Senate seats.

If they had waited until 2020 or later, their seats would not have been up for election as they are now.

In that respect, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is lucky as his Senate seat does not come up until 2018!

So, right now, the betting odds on either Rubio or Paul being the GOP nominee has dropped dramatically, as the hopes of many other Republican candidates have been also, by the “bulldozer” effect of Donald Trump’s candidacy!