The Democratic Women In Senate Races

The role of women in the Democratic Party Senate races is becoming much more significant, and at this time, there is a good chance that many will be successful, including the incumbent women and the challenger women.

In the first category, we have Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire.

In the second category, we have Senate candidates Natalie Tennant in West Virginia, Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, Michelle Nunn of Georgia, and Amanda Curtis of Montana.

At this point, two months before the election, the odds are good for Landrieu, Hagan, Shaheen, Grimes and Nunn, with Tennant and Curtis more likely to fail to be elected to replace retiring Jay Rockefeller and Max Baucus.

With 16 women Democratic Senators, it is likely that we will see  a few more in 2015!

One comment on “The Democratic Women In Senate Races

  1. Paul Doyle September 13, 2014 8:59 am

    Interesting race in NH. Scott Brown v. Shaheen. He couldn’t win against Warren in Mass, so a move to NH was in order to run against Shaheen with Koch Bros. PAC money in his pocket.

    Congressional races in NH are going to be a battle. Kuster against Koch Bros funded Marilinda Garcia will be the one to watch.
    Kuster has not been a strong candidate in her career. Winning, then losing, then winning against Charlie Bass and now the newbie, Garcia, a charismatic Hispanic with right wing views ; )
    Guinta v Shea Porter is another “it’s my turn to win” race.

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