Republican Governors And Potential Presidential Candidates Falling Like Flies In Political Corruption Indictments

It is amazing to watch as Republican Governors, interested in running for President in 2016, are falling like flies in political corruption indictments!

First, we had former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Then, we had New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Next, we had Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

And now, news comes of the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

These Governors and one former Governor are all despicable in their public records, and it could not happen to a better group of politicians, than to see these Governors destroyed by the political scandals and corruption surrounding them.

These Governors prove that the concept that state government, and being Governors, makes them better qualified for national office, is a myth.

The more one studies state governments across the nation, including the state legislatures, the more one realized that no matter how much we complain about national government, overall, it does a far better job with far less corruption than state governments!

Conservatives and Republicans love to promote the idea of state and local governments as being “better” and more representative of the population they serve, but the truth shows, both historically and in the present, that national government is far better in results and ethics, even though there is plenty of room for improvement!

One comment on “Republican Governors And Potential Presidential Candidates Falling Like Flies In Political Corruption Indictments

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge August 18, 2014 7:16 am

    Good morning Professor,
    I think it is a truism that in due time a person’s true nature will surface for all to see.

    Of course as a counter attack Governor Rick Perry is contending that his chargers are politically motivated, but then again do we really expect him to come forth and say, “Yeah I abused the powers my office by withholding money from those whom oppose me for coercion of a public servant as punishment, and Governor Chris Christie created an intentional traffic mess buy closing down a bridge that people need to get to work for the same reason…..It’s what we do.”

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