Day: February 14, 2014

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio: Major Screw Up, Time To Apologize And Change!

New York City’s new Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is rapidly making enemies in his handling of snow emergencies.

Failing to get out in front of snow cleanup in upper class neighborhoods; failing to close schools simply because of historic stupidity that New York City schools hardly ever close; blaming the Weather Bureau, rather than taking responsibility for your own blunders; and then closing schools early, forcing hourly wage workers who are struggling as it is to live in New York City to pick up their children; are all signs of arrogance and forgetting not only common sense, but also acting in a way that will only undermine the progressive agenda, and make many feel that progressives are no better than conservatives in showing concern and good judgment in governing the American people!

Al Roker, the meteorologist for NBC, was engaged in a Twitter war with De Blasio, and Al Roker won, and he might be right: Bill De Blasio, unless he apologizes and learns, will be a one term Mayor of New York City!

Federal District Court Judges And Same Sex Marriage Bans Collapsing!

The move toward same sex marriage churns on, with federal judges having utilized the 14th Amendment in four “Red” states in the past two months now to end the discrimination against gays marrying.

So on Valentine’s Day, it now looks more evident than ever that a national Supreme Court decision is in the offing, with Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the majority decision in Lawrence V. Texas in 2003 igniting the gay civil rights movement, likely to be the fifth and decisive vote in any case that goes to the high Court!

Who would ever have thought that Utah, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and now, newly turned “Blue” Virginia (the state of the Loving V. Virginia interracial marriage case in 1967), would see such rapid action to defy the bigots and the haters?

The federal courts have been the herald of the future in so much of modern history, as with Brown V. Board of Education on racial integration, and Roe V. Wade on abortion rights, and Lawrence V. Texas on gay rights, and the courage of federal district judges across the nation to push the Supreme Court toward a final determination of same sex marriage is an indication that often we have to leave it to appointed judges to lead us to our better side of human nature, the ending of discrimination and injustice!

Sadly, we see right wing evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons fighting a rear guard action, which only makes one realize the evils of these organized groups that have in the past been on the wrong side of many moral and ethical issues, overlooking slavery, segregation, women’s rights, and now gay rights. This is a losing battle long term, and these groups fighting against progress and human rights will pay the price in loss of membership by their willingness to fight a battle that is already lost!

Donald Trump For Governor Of New York: Pardon If I Cannot Stop Laughing!

So real estate mogul Donald Trump, “The Donald”, is again blowing hot air, as he has done for many years, in the process of humiliating himself, and demonstrating that this multiple times bankrupt, multiple times married, prima donna son of a rich father, a consistent “Birther”, is a pure publicity hound, who feels that being in the news, no matter how ridiculous, is essential for his ego!

So now the latest publicity is that Trump is thinking of running for Governor of New York, against Andrew Cuomo!

Pardon me if this author cannot stop laughing, as this is totally preposterous!

Trump has as much chance of being elected Governor of New York as I would have, if I was still a resident of New York State!

Actually, I would have a better chance as I have accomplished a lot without the benefit of a wealthy dad, and have some serious thoughts and ideas, anathema to Donald Trump!

This man has proved to be a not very bright circus clown, and if he runs, Cuomo will break the record percentage of reelection, and put Trump in his place, which is NOT a bad idea! Bring it on, Donald!