Day: October 21, 2013

State Run Health Exchanges Working Better Than Federal Health Site: Republican Run States Are Helping To Damage ObamaCare By Refusal To Cooperate

It is an interesting development that those states which have decided to cooperate on ObamaCare by working on promoting the plan through state websites are having success in people being able to access information, and knowing their state governments are trying to help them succeed in their quest for health insurance.

Meanwhile, however, the vast majority of states, mostly run by Republican Governors, have put barriers in the way of cooperation, forcing the federal government to take care of millions of insurance seekers without any desire of the state governments involved to promote health care for their citizens who do not have it.

This is unconscionable, and demonstrates how the GOP is working to undermine any chance of success by their refusal to cooperate for the betterment of their less fortunate populations, much of it poor people, single mothers and children, minorities, and low paid workers of all races.

If the ObamaCare program fails, it will NOT be because of the glitches involved, but the immoral and unethical refusal of Republicans to care about their own populations that they govern, and it may just succeed in many states, as politics, and refusal to allow a success of the signature program of Barack Obama, is the priority over human lives and health, sad to say!

Gay Marriage Acceptance Building, As New Jersey Becomes 14th State To Adopt It

New Jersey became today the 14th state to allow gay marriage, making the entire Northeast ten of the 14 states that permit it.

All of the New England states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island), along with the Mid Atlantic states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, now have same sex marriage.

Additionally, Iowa and Minnesota in the Midwest have it, as well as Washington State and California on the Pacific Coast.

Waiting in the wings are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois in the Midwest (in different stages of the struggle for acceptance), and Colorado, Oregon and Hawaii in the West, making a likelihood of 21 states within the next year or two, which will have allowed such marriages.

This will mean about 155 million Americans will be living in states that permit same sex marriage by the end of 2014 or early 2015, nearly half the population of the nation, including also Washington, DC and New York City as municipalities which allow it.

There will still be vehement opposition to the concept of same sex marriage, but the reality is that it is here to stay for good, and will continue to spread nationwide over time.