Day: October 1, 2013

89th Birthday For Elder Statesman Jimmy Carter!

Former President Jimmy Carter, the longest retired President in American history, has reached the ripe old age of 89, and looks none the worse for wear!

Ridiculed by many as the “worst” President in modern times, an unfair, and inaccurate depiction, Jimmy Carter has made his enemies, but has also contributed so much to America, both in office and out of office, after what is now nearly 33 years of retirement!

Carter looks like a good bet to surpass Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, and live beyond Ford’s age record 93 and a half years, six weeks longer than Reagan.

As he continues to contribute to America in so many ways, his stock will rise, and while he will never be rated anywhere near the top of the list of Presidents, we will come to appreciate his gifts and contributions to America over the past nearly 40 years!