Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Sarah Palin And The Confederate Flag At The White House: Reprehensible!

A crowd descended on the gates at the White House on Sunday, led by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee.

They stood by as Confederate flags were brandished, and a speaker said it was time for Barack Obama to stop obeying the Muslim faith, and to resign from the Presidency!

What a spectacle it was, with National Park police called out in riot gear, in case the demonstration became unruly or worse.

These three demagogues—Cruz, Lee, and Palin—who are destroying the Republican brand with their fight to undermine the federal government, blamed Obama for the shutdown of the federal government, rather than Cruz and Lee taking responsibility for encouraging House Tea Party Republicans to do what everyone knows they provoked, intimidating Speaker John Boehner into what has become a disaster for the Republican Party brand!

By appearing with these Confederate, secessionist, states rights riight wingers, they are encouraging violent insurrection against the government, and poisoning the atmosphere for peaceful resolution of differences, and also undermining respect for the office of the Presidency!

Republican leadership—much more than Senator John McCain of Arizona and Congressman Peter King of New York—must speak up and denounce these tactics, or the GOP is totally doomed as a major political party for the long run!

3 comments on “Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Sarah Palin And The Confederate Flag At The White House: Reprehensible!

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge October 14, 2013 5:31 pm

    Unfurling the battle standard of the Confederate Flag as part of their demonstration?!? Isn’t that what the Klan does?

    Have these people read the book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People”? Have these people even read ANY book?

    How this level of stupidity finds followers is beyond my comprehension. Maybe “Know Nothing Davie” can shed some light on this.

  2. Ronald October 14, 2013 11:22 pm

    Engineer, I think at this point 150 years after the Civil War, to unfurl the Confederate flag in public places should be perceived as unacceptable, as much as the Nazi swastika is judged as such in modern Germany! It represents racism, hate, and a failure to recognize that secession, slavery, and the battles of the Civil War are long over, and we need to look to a united future, in which it is understood that we are a nation of many races and ethnic groups, and that is our strength. If anyone can say that this is “their America”, it is not white Europeans, but native Americans whose land white Europeans took from them by force and bloodshed!

  3. D October 15, 2013 8:12 am

    I’ll consider the Republican Party “speaking up” when they expel Ted Cruz and Mike Lee from the party. Nice way of telling Mr. Lee, for his re-election campaign in 2016, that the Republican National Committee will not help provide financial support. And the same can be said of Mr. Cruz, should he either seek re-election to the U.S. Senate, in 2018, or strive for higher office while still officially a member of the Republican Party. Anything short of this reminds others of what I already know: the Republican Party, at large, is supportive of the two.

    This is for show!

    As for Sarah Palin: She is a has-been. And I know she is doing what she can to still be present. Somewhere. Anywhere. With whomever. Wherever. Why-ever. She is the type of fallen pol who one might anticipate will start showing up at the openings of Republican-friendly venues, anywhere in the U.S., for the purpose of her ability to say, “I’m still here! So, I know you must all care.”

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