Labor Day: A Day To Celebrate Workers And Unions Which Gave Us What We Have Today!

Today is Labor Day, first declared by President Grover Cleveland in 1894, to commemorate the contributions and sacrifices of American workers in the age of unbridled industrial capitalism in the Gilded Age.

Too many Americans are unaware or uninformed of what labor conditions were like in the Gilded Age, and how the formation of labor unions brought about the basic labor rights that we all have today, nearly 120 years later, due to the blood and sacrifices of workers who were brutalized by corporations and government in the process of bringing about reforms.

We do not appreciate how much better our work conditions are now than they were back then, although labor unions have declined, and corporations and state and local governments have done everything they can to stifle worker freedom and decent conditions, as the minimum wage has not gone up with the cost of living, and many millions of workers have no sick leave, overtime pay, and lack health insurance benefits, due to conservatives and Republicans who have always fought against working people and labor, in the name of big business monopoly, both then and continuing to this moment.

We cannot thank labor enough for having built up this nation to the greatness it has today, and we need to honor their sacrifices and contributions, and resist corporate encroachment, which would love to return America to the Gilded Age!

2 comments on “Labor Day: A Day To Celebrate Workers And Unions Which Gave Us What We Have Today!

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge September 3, 2013 12:52 pm

    Congress returns to work after Labor Day.
    They will work a grueling nine days in September.
    220 of 231 Republicans in the House voted in May of this year to end overtime pay for the Working Middle Classes.
    These Bas%#@rds have to go!!

    When you see a Union Laborer, thank him and for all those who came before him, for his and their service to this country. These are the True Americans!!

  2. Ronald September 3, 2013 7:26 pm

    Absolutely the case, Engineer!

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