Day: February 5, 2013

Politicians And Interference With University Education: Totally Wrong And Inappropriate!

A disturbing trend which has emerged lately among Republicans is to promote the idea that higher education should be in the business of promoting certain fields of study, certain majors, because there are more job opportunities in some areas of the curriculum.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has been speaking about this, and now House Majority Leader Eric Cantor did the same in a speech about “rebranding” the Republican Party.

The idea that politicians should be promoting any interference in the pursuit of education, the advancement of knowledge, and the encouragement of an open mind that might question the established ideas of a ruling class, is totally horrifying and unacceptable!

Yes, there may be more jobs in computer science, medicine, nursing, and accounting. But over time, every field of study has become oversupplied, and a college education is not just designed to promote certain job skills or trades. If one wants that, they can go to a technical institute or vocational school, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But a university or college education is designed to promote THINKING, ANALYSIS and TOLERANCE, and to be exposed to knowledge that otherwise might never be explored!

To discourage those who are interested in English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Foreign Languages, Art, Music, and other liberal arts fields is to deny the development of an intellectual class, which can interpret and evaluate information, and be motivated by more than just materialism. And students who have majored in these and similar areas are often the best employees, because they have developed higher intellectual skills! There is no guarantee in today’s world that anyone will remain in the same field of work, no matter what one majors in while in a college or university.

We all need to make a living, and yes, some people in certain fields will make more money, but the goal of life should be to be happy, contented, enjoy one’s life work, and to assume that everyone who goes into “desirable” higher paying fields is happy or successful, is to live in a delusion!

All fields of knowledge are desirable, and exposure to as many as possible is a good thing, and politicians should stop any interference in the funding or advocacy of certain areas over others.

Anyone who gains a college or university education may not appreciate the exposure to many fields of knowledge in the short run, but as the years go by, one realizes the benefits of exposure to fields of knowledge, often not appreciated until many years later!

So Rick Scott, Eric Cantor, and anyone else considering interfering in higher education, back off!

BIll Clinton And Barack Obama First Signed Bills Showed Their Concern About Ordinary Americans!

Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton signed his first law, the Family and Medical Leave Act, which allows 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to workers in order to recover from a serious medical condition, provide care for a seriously ill family member, or care for a new child.

Four years ago, President Barack Obama signed his first law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, to overcome a Supreme Court decision that denied women the ability to pursue for wage discrimination that had occurred more than six months previously, before a complaint was lodged.

These first bills signed gave anyone, who wished to notice, the intention of both recent Democratic Presidents to promote social justice and necessary progressive reforms.

Both would continue in the same vein as time went by, but with almost no Republicans in support of the first Obama signed legislation, but more in support of the first signed Clinton legislation.

Total Poverty, Deprivation, Lack Of Safety Net For Substantial Numbers Of Americans The Reality: The “American Dream” Denied!

Despite the denial and lack of concern of many conservatives and Republicans about the tremendous maldistribution of wealth which has developed in the thirty two years since Ronald Reagan came to the Presidency, new statistics indicate just how desperate many Americans are, and how that desperation is particularly obvious in the South and in the Southwest parts of the United States.

Nearly half of US households, containing about 132 million Americans are in a dire situation, where they do not have any emergency funds for as little as three months, if a natural disaster, medical emergency or sudden unemployment occurred.

Think of the mental anguish these people go through if any of the above emergencies suddenly arise, with a feeling of no hope, and the possibility of homelessness, total destruction of personal credit, and the likelihood of becoming sick from stress itself!

Thirty percent of Americans do not have a savings account, and eight percent do not have any bank account at all.

In ten states, the poverty and hopelessness of a substantial part of the population is most evident, including in order:

North Carolina
New Mexico

Notice also that only three states of these ten listed are “Blue” or Democratic (Nevada, Florida, New Mexico), while the other seven are “Red” or Republican.

With so many people in these states and others having little or no health insurance coverage, and low wage jobs predominating, and high credit card debt levels, one wonders how these unfortunate citizens cope with waking up daily, with such gloom and doom on the horizon! The “American Dream” is being denied!

A New Racism And Sexism: Controversy Over Michelle Obama’s Derriere

Barack Obama being the first racially mixed President, but with an image of being totally “Black” even though his mother was white, has been subjected to constant racism by talk show hosts on the RIght, by Fox News Channel, by code language used by Republican politicians, and by ordinary citizens, particularly in the South, who are unable to accept that we have a President who represents a minority heritage, rather than the white Caucasian majority which is rapidly moving toward being a minority itself in the next 30 years.

But now the attack on First Lady Michelle Obama, who is totally African American, unlike her husband, is accelerating on the issue of her appearance, with jokes and criticism being issued by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, the original heavy set “gas bag”; Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, who also is overweight; and even by coaches and teachers in their professional roles, something totally inappropriate!

The comment is made that her arms are too muscular, but also her posterior is overly large, forgetting that she is 50 years old, and cannot be expected to have the body of a 25 or 35 year old.

And for Limbaugh and Sensenbrenner, who are both overly heavy themselves, to comment about being overweight in the derriere, is an amazing case of hypocrisy and gall, but what else is new about conservative talk show hosts and Republicans being so?

So now the new racism and sexism is in play without any shame, and shows us how little progress has been made in electing the first minority President in American history twice by popular vote majorities!

But just as Barack Obama ignores attacks, Michelle Obama is also dismissive of stupid, foolish, ignorant statements about her appearance, keeping her dignity in the midst of a flailing opposition which has nothing to offer the nation except personal insults and character assassination.

And meanwhile, the public opinion rating of both Barack and Michelle Obama continues to soar into the stratosphere!