Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe: The Ultimate Environmental Enemy, Based On The Bible!

Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma is the greatest critic of the environmental movement in America, bar none.

A leading global warming-climate change denier, Inhofe has just come out with a new book in which he refers to the Bible as his proof that there is no climate change or global warming crisis, because God is in charge, and would not do any such harm.

Completely ignoring the role of science, Inhofe has made it his mission in the US Senate to do everything he can to prevent any government action on environmental issues, and his impact has helped to undermine any attempts to cooperate with other nations on the issue, or to allow our government to plan strategy on the issue.

In the future, when environmental change does occur, we will look back on Inhofe as an ostrich with his head in the sand, but since he will have passed from the scene, he will not feel the effects of climate change and global warming, but will be blamed for having helped to prevent effective action on the issue.

For that, he will be condemned in history!

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