A Leading Senate Race For 2012: Senator Scott Brown Vs. Elizabeth Warren In Massachusetts!

It is clear that one of the leading Senate races of 2012, and one of the best hopes to regain a Republican seat, is the potential match up of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Harvard Law School Professor and consumer rights advocate Elizabeth Warren!

Warren helped Barack Obama to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but so antagonized Republicans that it became clear that she could not be approved by the Senate to become its head, and the GOP is working very hard to weaken the new agency!

Warren is an inspirational reformer, but it will be hard to win the seat from Brown, who has come across as moderate and mainstream more than any Republican Senator with the exception of the two Maine Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins! Brown has worked hard to gain support from the normally liberal Democratic constituency of Massachusetts politics.

Warren, being an intellectual, might have trouble convincing blue collar Democrats to vote for her, and additionally, she faces up to six opponents for the Democratic nomination, which is far from guaranteed. The primary takes place a full year from now, and therefore, allows less than two months from winning the primary to the fall election against Scott Brown, who will face no opposition in the Republican Party statewide or nationally, just happy to have another Republican vote for organization of what might be a majority GOP Senate in 2013!

One comment on “A Leading Senate Race For 2012: Senator Scott Brown Vs. Elizabeth Warren In Massachusetts!

  1. Mark K September 14, 2011 4:07 pm

    I have been following Elizabeth Warren for some time now. She is clearly a person that looks out for real people; and Corporations are not people. Best wishes to her as she would be an asset to the state of Massachusetts and the senate.

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