Day: July 29, 2011

The Tea Party Succeeds In The Emasculation Of Speaker John Boehner: The War Within The Republican Party!

The House of Representatives has just passed a debt limit bill that is dead on arrival in the US Senate, and in the process have shown just how destructive and anti American the Tea Party radicals in the House are, and they have succeeded in the emasculation of Speaker John Boehner!

Boehner’s Speakership will NEVER be the same, after three long days of wrangling, pleading, pressuring, etc and yet, while winning a symbolic vote, lost 22 of the hardline right membership, who would not show loyalty and respect for their own Speaker!

This whole mess was a tremendous embarrassment to Boehner, and has destroyed any chance of him being effective, and it is predictable that, in the unlikely situation of a GOP House majority in 2013, that he will be pushed aside for Eric Cantor or Kevin McCarthy or Paul Ryan, the so called “Young Guns”, who can be blamed more than even the Tea Party radicals for undermining their own leader!

Since the Democrats only need 25 seats to regain the House majority, it now seems predictable that such an eventuality will occur. It is essential for every good person in this nation to get off his or her rear end, get out there and campaign for progressive change, contribute to the Democratic Party, and volunteer his time to convince the American people to overcome the corporate influence promoted by the Supreme Court Citizens United case, and save the nation from total disaster, the plan of the GOP to take away from the poor, the elderly, the sick and disabled, and other vulnerable groups, and redistribute income to the top two percent, who have had an unfair advantage since the administration of Ronald Reagan, but getting far worse under George W. Bush!

This is our country to save, and if the hard Right wins control of both houses of Congress and the White House in 2013 because of laziness, ignorance,or refusal to take the responsibility of voting seriously, then unfortunately we will get what we deserve–a plutocracy with fascist tendencies and no concern for the middle or lower classes in America!

Thankfully, the events in the House make it clear that the Republican Party is involved in an internal conflict which will, hopefully, rip them apart and save the country from these economic terrorists who are a threat to all of us in the name of profit and wealth!