Day: July 11, 2011

Barack Obama And Medicare: Raising The Age Of Eligibility Is Wrong!

In the midst of the debate and negotiations over the Debt Ceiling Crisis being raised, President Obama has reportedly suggested the idea of raising the Medicare eligibility age at some unknown point in the future to age 67 from age 65!

Hopefully, this is all a bluff, and will go nowhere, or is being reported incorrectly, as raising the Medicare age would be absolutely wrong!

For people over 55 now, it absolutely should not be considered as they are close to retirement age.

But even for those under 55, it would be wrong, as one forgets that not everyone has a low stress, or mental oriented job that they go to daily.

Many have physically challenging jobs of high stress, and the human body can start having all kinds of problems by the mid to late 50s, and even more so in those people who do not sit behind a desk or primarily use their minds at their workplace.

For a person 65-67 to attempt, if retired or not receiving health care coverage at work, to find adequate health care coverage at a delicate age such as the mid 60s, is nearly impossible, and an unnecessary stress on such individuals.

As we are trying to provide health care to millions more people through the Obama Health Care plan, this is not the time to make the gaining of health care for people 65-67 more stressful and difficult!

America’s workers have enough trouble staying above water economically, and if anything, what we really need is Medicare for all, instead of the more limited health care plan passed by Congress in 2010, and now being challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court!

The Torment Of John Boehner: Being Pressured By Tea Party Crazies And Eric Cantor!

Speaker of the House John Boehner is under the greatest pressure he has ever faced in public life.

Having attained his goal of being Speaker, Boehner has been surrounded by Tea Party crazies, a group of 87 House Republican freshmen, most of whom came to the chamber with an attitude of hating government and wishing to destroy it in their quest to prevent ANY tax increases EVER, and to tear down the social safety net of the New Deal and Great Society, epitomized by Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!

Surrounded by overly ambitious House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, and Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, all being at least a decade younger than Boehner, they have made it clear that they back the looney freshmen, and are making Boehner’s ability to lead, and at the same time be responsible, nearly impossible!

Boehner used to say that the raising of the debt ceiling was not essential by a certain date, but now he is agreeing with President Obama on the importance of raising the debt limit by August 2, realizing the long term economic damage that would occur if the Congress were so reckless as to refuse to raise the debt ceiling, something that has been done without controversy numerous times over many years!

Obama is winning the public relations battle, while Boehner is mightily squirming, as to how to get his caucus of loonies to do what MUST be done!

If he fails to get them to do what MUST be done, he will go down in history as responsible for a very damaging economic collapse!

But IF he does, somehow, get the mission accomplished in some form, he will most certainly face a rebellion within his party ranks, led by Eric Cantor, and will lose his Speakership!

Which is more important, the national economy or the Speakership of John Boehner? These next few weeks are the true test of courage and leadership, and if Boehner is a good patriot, if need be, he should sacrifice his future leadership for the greater good of doing what is right about the American economy and future!