May 8: V-E Day And Harry Truman Remembered!

Sixty six years ago today, in 1945, America celebrated V-E Day, victory in Europe, as Nazi Germany surrendered, one week after announcement of the suicide of Adolf Hitler. Time Magazine commemorated the death of Hitler with a cover portrait of him with a large X through his face!

Today, one week after the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, regarded by most observers as the worst tyrant since Adolf Hitler, we should celebrate the removal of the world wide leader of terrorism, while being aware that the danger of further terrorist threats still exists. And note that Time Magazine has just published an issue with Bin Laden’s portrait on the cover, and an X through his face!

And also note that today is the anniversary of the birth of President Harry Truman, born in 1884, 127 years ago, and celebrating his 61st birthday on V-E Day, less than a month after inheriting the Presidency upon the sudden death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Great uncertainty about Truman existed at the time, and yet he went ahead and made tough decisions including the use of the atomic bomb on Japan three months later. Truman proved he could fill the shoes of Franklin D. Roosevelt, despite those who were skeptical as to his credentials.

In much the same way, Barack Obama has now proved, despite many skeptics, that he can fill the shoes of the office of the Presidency, can make tough decisions, and has courage and guts much like Harry Truman is always portrayed as having possessed.

So today, let us remember the twin fights against Nazism and terrorism, and the courage, guts and decisiveness of Harry Truman and Barack Obama. Were Truman alive today, he would be very proud of Barack Obama!

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