The Economy On The Upswing? A WPA Revival Needed on Its 78th Anniversary!

The economy saw the addition last month of 244,000 new jobs in private industry, the third straight month of equivalent numbers of growth in private sector employment.

This should be seen as a good omen, but at the same time, there are more people seeking work than before, which therefore raised the unemployment rate from 8.8 to 9 percent.

With the decline in public employment, and the rapidly growing number of young people looking for work as they graduate high school and college, it is hard to know if the unemployment rate will hit below 8 percent by the fall of 2012, a number seen as crucial to insure the re-election of President Obama.

It is clear that the Republican Party does not wish to help President Obama economically by taking steps in the House of Representatives to create jobs through economic investment in infrastructure, such as the government took upon itself exactly 78 years ago today when Franklin D. Roosevelt initiated the Works Progress Administration, which helped to promote the building of hospitals, schools, airports, libraries, roads and other public facilities, along with encouraging artists, musicians, writers, historians, and playwrights to produce with their genius on the public payroll.

That is the only way that true economic recovery is going to occur rapidly enough, but don’t bet on it ocurring anytime soon!

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