Peter Bergen, Expert On Bin Laden And War On Terror, Says War Is Over With Death Of Bin Laden!

Peter Bergen, an expert on Osama Bin Laden and the War On Terror, who also met Bin Laden years before September 11, has just declared on CNN that the War On Terror is over!

Bergen claims that no one else can lead with the charisma or following of Bin Laden, that others under Bin Laden are “pygmies”, so that the war against terrorism is over!

One wonders what to make of this, but if it is true, that would be a major boon to the American future, and allow us to spend more time on domestic issues that have so sorely been ignored as we went berserk in spending on the War on Terror!

It could also mean less domestic strife and fear of Muslims in America, and could also lead to the rapid decline of the hate mongers who keep on promoting negativism constantly, including the conservative radio talk show hosts who live on hate and prejudice and propaganda to divide America!

Before we accept what Peter Bergen says as factual, however, we must still have a period of waiting and confirm what Bergen believes to be true, which we can certainly hope is the case!

One comment on “Peter Bergen, Expert On Bin Laden And War On Terror, Says War Is Over With Death Of Bin Laden!

  1. Vincent Porcelli May 2, 2011 1:10 am

    I think it will never be over but I also see this event as the opportunity for troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. We can get our conventional forces out but leave behind our spies and such to keep close watch over Al Qaeda in that country.

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