The Passing Of Geraldine Ferraro: A Symbol Of Progress For Women!

Former Vice Presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro passed away today at age 75 of blood cancer, and this news reminded us of her historical significance.

A Queens Congresswoman for three terms from 1979-1985, Ferraro was chosen by former Vice President Walter Mondale to be his Vice Presidential running mate on the ticket that lost to President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Ferraro was the first woman and first Italian American to run for the second highest position in the nation, a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

She comported herself well as a candidate, not making a fool of herself, as the second woman to run for Vice President on a major party ticket, Sarah Palin, did so obviously in 2008!

Her being first to run for Vice President guaranteed that she would make the record books forever, and now she has gone into the history books as she is being laid to rest.

She should be highly honored and respected for her achievement, and give us hope that someday soon, a QUALIFIED woman of either party, not Sarah Palin nor Michele Bachmann, will take the oath of office for the Presidency in some future inauguration day in Washington, DC!

One comment on “The Passing Of Geraldine Ferraro: A Symbol Of Progress For Women!

  1. Kathleen March 27, 2011 10:57 am

    Well, Progressive Randi Rhodes was less kind.

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