Fundamental Differences Between The Democrats And The Republicans

In the heat of all the debates on domestic and foreign policy matters, one can often fail to understand the fundamental differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

The Democratic Party cares about PEOPLE, the advancement of opportunity and human rights to people of all nationalities and religions. It cares about the working man and woman, advocating the cause of labor rights. It understands the plight of underprivileged women and children, who are the mass of the victims of poverty. It recognizes the importance of education, health care, and decent housing conditions in the daily lives of Americans who just want a fair shake and an equal part in the American Dream. It wishes to promote human rights and a sense of camaraderie with the people of other nations, and the promotion of a world in which nationalism is less important than international understanding and cooperation, and realization that all people have a similar desire to learn to understand each other and promote tolerance and friendship.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, cares about PROPERTY and the protection of material wealth, and the preservation of the advantages and opportunities afforded the wealthy in society. Business freedom and avoidance of regulation in the public interest is their motivation, and they wish to promote the concept that being of European heritage is a sense of superiority over others from other cultures. The acquisition and preservation of wealth matters more than education, health care, and decent housing, and life is one of promoting one’s own self interest. Nationalism and the belief in American superiority, and the lack of concern about how other countries perceive us is dominant, and while those of European ancestry feel they are superior, they wish to reject the concept that European ideas and laws in present times are to be accepted, as the United States has passed the stage of needing to lean on “old Europe”! Unbridled Capitalism and the promotion of fundamentalist Christianity is all that is needed, and any alternative is to be repudiated as “UnAmerican”!

Many Americans are clueless on these differences, and so many vote in an ignorant way, totally unaware of the reality of the differences in philosophy and outlook that creates a chasm between our two major political parties!

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